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Vision and Mission

The primary aim of the organisation is to act as a public interest research and advocacy group promoting and protecting the rights of children, initiating a social campaign to bring a reform in the present schooling system, developing educational philosophies and methodologies, promoting sustainable learning that reduces crime.


Our mission is  to bring together children, parents, thought leaders, civil society, academia, influencers, businessmen and government in order to achieve the vision of the organisation.

The organisation also aims at promoting the method of unschooling which is an informal learning that promotes activities chosen by learners as the primary means of learning. It promotes personalized learning by allowing learners to make their own choices about what and how to learn. The role of parents and caregivers is to provide learners with an environment that nurtures their natural curiosity.

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Education with Dolls

Gender Sensitization and Violence

Our Unique Education Model

The child life sanctuary is built on three powerful forces that work together to generate deep positive development in children, families, and entire communities.

It takes a group effort to become aware of the small habit of compassion. Our children and family programs, which range from resilient parenting workshops of gender sensitization, aim to empower children by providing the tools and resources needed to maintain this habit in the workplace, school, and beyond.

To Educate

Education through Dolls-


Every culture has its own dolls. Children have played with dolls from the very beginning of the time, utilizing them as pals and confidantes, surrogates as the youngster recreates household scenarios, and props for acting out dreams.

To Advocate
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In India, more than one-third of India’s population consists of children (i.e. 39%). If this vast number are safe, healthy, educated, and equipped with information and life skills to support India's future development, the country will benefit socially, politically, and economically.

It can be difficult for children to advocate for their own rights, needs, and interests. They may require someone to speak on their behalf.

To Aware

Violence and abuse-


One of the most serious issues confronting families and societies is violence against children. It happens all over the world, in all countries and communities; it happens even in families too. That is why there is an urgent need to point out this issue and talk about it especially with children.


Gender sensitization-


Children tend to identify between their likes and dislikes based on observations made at home and in the surroundings. Gender sensitivity can have a good impact on children's growth, choices, development, and ultimately the kind of people they become. Because a child's gender identity develops between the ages of two and three, it is critical for parents to ensure that their children are able to pick their own identity and identify with it without being constrained by societal norms and standards.

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