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Ajeet Singh

Project Manager

All About Me

Ajeet is a board member and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Chhanv Foundation. He is the incharge of daily operations of the company, welfare of acid attack and other disability survivors, Sheroes Empowerment Project, Human Resource, Volunteer Management and Policy Development. Under his leadership, Chhanv Foundation has developed numerous educational programs and thought provoking workshops where volunteers are taking part from across the globe. He actively participated in fundraising campaigns and added hundreds of active volunteers in the team. With the marathon efforts of the team under his leadership saved the situation and Chhanv could help everyone who contacted us during the first and second wave of COVID19. And today, even when the team members and volunteers are scattered in distant locations, they are united by Ajeet and a new work culture has not only helped the campaign to continue its operations but also nobody in the team is affected because of the lockdown. 





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